Akashima’s Mission

Akashima’s and my (Katja Weber) mission has always been to breed healthy breed standard dogs. To achieve this I adhere to the Code of Practices of the Canadian Kennel Club and I work closely with my Japanese mentors who have a combined 250 years of Shikoku breeding experience.

My breeding of dogs began over 40 years ago with the breeding and mushing

Katja sled dog race.jpg
Katja at the finish line

of Siberian Huskies under the “of Goosak” kennel name in Europe.  

In 1992 I added the Shiba Inu to the breeding program and in 1996 the Shiba breeding stock and I moved to Canada and began breeding under the “Akashima” kennel name. The Shikoku was added to the program in 2000 and today is the focus of my work. Many of Akashima’s dogs are taken to  competitions, and many of those dogs have won throughout the years.

The Shikoku in Canada

“It is possible the Shikoku might never have entered Canadian show rings were it not for the interest of Katja Weber” according to Dawn Deeley in her CDD article “Dare to be Rare.” The actual journey to the show ring and subsequent breeding started in 2000 when I imported two Shikokus from Europe followed by two imports from Japan. In the early hours of October 23rd 2004 Mura (Murasaki Go Ayumisou, Japanese import) and  Ishi  (Shunkou Go None Ishiyamasou, Japanese Import) whelped four female pups. This was the first ever litter of Shikokus in Canada!

I continued to work with the CKC and Agriculture Canada to achieve my goal of having the Shikoku recognized under the Animal Pedigree Act. Little did I know in 2000 that my goal would take 20 years to accomplish but it did. The Shikoku finally achieved full recognition in Canada by Ministerial order in October 2020.

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