Akashima Shikoku Kennels

Please note that Akashima no longer breeds Shiba Inus

Akashima: A premier breeder of Shikoku dogs in North America

The Shikoku finally became fully recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club in October 2020, the culmination of 20 years of work by me and Akashima. This journey started in 2000 when I imported two Shikokus from Europe and two more from Japan into Canada for breeding purposes.  In the early hours of October 23rd 2004 Mura (Murasaki Go Ayumisou, Japanese Import) and Ishi (Shunkou Go None Ishiyamasou, Japanese Import) whelped four female pups. DSC_0309.jpgThis was the first ever litter of Shikokus born in Canada!

While Japanese breeders generally do not health test their breeding stock, I have always stressed that only through health testing can I ensure that the dogs I use for breeding are unlikely to pass on hereditary health issues.  I am so confident in the measures I have in place that all my puppies are backed by a guarantee.

Are you interested?

First and foremost for me is the long term well being and proper care and attention of the puppy/dog. Adopting one of my puppies or one of my retired breeding dogs into your family is a very big step. You are making a lifelong commitment that involves health care, socialization, finances and a lot of time. To help both of us with this commitment you will need to complete the Akashima Puppy Application found on the Contact page. We both will ultimately need to sign a contract that defines both of our commitments and responsibilities concerning the puppy or adult dog that is being adopted.

I encourage you to spend some time looking through my website to inform yourself about me and my Shikokus. Take a few moments to follow some of the links throughout the website to learn more about the Shikoku. Informing yourself about this breed is the best way to start your relationship with a full understanding of what to expect when you add a Shikoku to your life. Shikokus are not for everyone and can be challenging for the first time dog owner; on the other hand they will bring a very special relationship into your life that is unique to Japanese breeds.


Akashima Shikoku Kennel is proud of our membership and affiliation with the Comox Valley Kennel Club, the Glacierview Kennel Club, the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) , the Shiba Canada Club, the Nihonken Hozonkai (Nippo Kennel Club), the National Shiba Club of America (NSCA) and the Deutscher Club fuer Nordische Hunde (DCNH). We support the goals and adhere to the breeder regulations of these organizations.

Akashima Shikoku Kennel supports and assists in placing rescue dogs in approved homes.

Please contact us for more information.