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A deposit and a signed contract is required to adopt one of our Shikoku puppies. We only breed these beautiful dogs if we have interest in puppies with a suitable home. To make sure our puppies live a happy life, a fenced yard is preferred  references can be given, and a questionnaire must be filled out before we will consider you for adoption.

Please note that Akashima no longer breeds Shiba Inus

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Akashima Kennel

Nippo AKASHIMASOW (002).jpg

A premier breeder of Shikoku dogs in North America

Katja and George Weber have been breeding dogs for over 40 years. Katja began breeding and mushing Siberian Huskies under the “of Goosak” kennel name in Europe.  In 1992 the Shiba Inu was added to the breeding program and later the Shiba breeding stock moved to Canada in 1996 under the “Akashima” kennel name. The Shikoku was added to the program in 2000 and today is the focus of Katja’s work. Many of their dogs are taken to  competitions, and many of those dogs have won throughout the years. If you are interested in owning and caring for a Shikoku, then Katja and George Weber are who you want to contact.


The Shikoku is a hunting dog that was primarily bred on the island of Shikoku in Japan.  The breed was declared a Natural Monument in 1937.  There are fewer than 20 known breeders outside of Japan. 


In the early hours of October 23rd 2004 Mura (Murasaki Go Ayumisou, Japanese Import) and Ishi (Shunkou Go None Ishiyamasou, Japanese Import) whelped four female pups. This was the first ever litter of Shikokus in Canada!

The Shikoku is not a large Shiba! These loving dogs are honest, straight forward and open in their approach to people. Submissive to the family, alert, and curious, they are tenacious trackers and energetic companions.

Males are about 52 cm (20 inches) at the withers and females are a bit longer and not quite as tall (46 cm). Colours are sesame, black-sesame, red-sesame and black and tan. The Shikoku shares its coat type with the Shiba and most other Nordic breeds having a dense undercoat with coarse top guard hairs. The tail is carried curled on the back.

Katja sled dog race.jpg

Katja crossing the finish line in 1984 at Kalterherberg, Germany.


Champion Anjin San Shiba of Goosak.

Mura's pups, the first ever Shikouku litter whelped in Canada.


Akashima's Kochi Ken Sakura winning Best Puppy in the Hound Group.