Fudzisan Ienaga Takamatsu

Thabi (Russian Import)

Thabi joined us from Germany, where he stayed with a friend for 3 months. He is…   Continue

Akashima’s Kochi Ken Ronin Natsu No Ko


Ronin is out of Mieko and Bunta’s first litter and is co-owned with the Robertson family. …   Continue

Ch. Tenshou Go Awahakuga

Kuma (Japan Import)

Kuma came to us from Japan early in 2018. He adjusted very well to the Canadian…   Continue

Ch. Yamato Go Nidai Iwahorisou

Yamato (Japan Import)

Yamato was a joint ownership project with Peggy Graham.  He spent most of his time with…   Continue

Ch. Akashima’s Kochi Ken Yokishinai


One can really see Shiggy’s influence when looking Yoki over.  Yoki was a great dog to…   Continue

Ch. Akashima’s Kochi Ken Kiyoshi


Yoshi, one of Yuki’s high achievers was always a fun dog to have around and an…   Continue