Akashima announces breeding plans:

We are expecting our first girls to come into season in January or February 2019! Pictures of the girls as well as Taro are on our “Our Dogs” page. At he end of February our boy Taro “Ch. Shuureihou Go Fukasou” is traveling to the Netherlands for breeding and show purposes! On our way home, mid March, we will bring back our friends boy Tetsu “Ch. Takaou Go Hata Inoshishisou”. He will stay with us for 3 months to sire some litters and will be shown while he is in Canada to receive his Canadian Champion title.

Taro "Ch. Shuureihou Go Fukasou"
Taro “Ch. Shuureihou Go Fukasou”
Tetsu "Ch. Takaou Go Hata Inoshishisou"
Tetsu “Ch. Takaou Go Hata Inoshishisou”

Tochi will have her last litter; she will be bred to Taro! Tochi lives with Alex and family here in Courtenay. Tochi will stay with us to have her puppies here.

Aimi is a girl I co-own with Maria. This will be her first litter, also bred to Taro or Tetsu depending on timing. We just need to get her health test done before we breed her.

Kichona should come into season around the same time. She will also be bred to Taro or Tetsu.

Chika is owned by our friend and will be a co-breeding. These pups will be born and raised at his kennel in Rock Creek, BC.

Sakura should be coming into heat late in the summer of 2019. We plan a breeding then which will likely be her last litter. Please see our Blog post about Sakura looking for a retirement home.

Further plans have not been finalized yet, it all depends on if and when the girls come into heat.

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