Ghosts and Goblins; It’s Halloween

5 dogs dressed as Ghosts holding pumpkins

Every year man’s best friend faces challenges and risks during the ramp up to Halloween. Here are some possible issues and suggestions to ensure your best friend has a safe and happy Halloween.

Fireworks: many of us live in areas where the use of fireworks by private individuals is part of the Halloween experience. In spite of the Shikoku being a hunting hound, most are not conditioned to sudden load noises. This leads to stress and in some cases the dog, surprised by the noise running away. Halloween is a really good time to keep your dog on a short leash and inside rather than loose in the yard. Sadly, we know of cases of dogs being permanently lost by straying away from home or, worse yet, running into traffic.

Strange sights at the door: Your home is your Shikoku’s castle. While we understand the fun of costumed Witches, Wizards, Robots and Ghosts at the door your Shikoku doesn’t. Help reduce the stress of Trick or Treat night by keeping them in a safe place in your home and busy with a new toy or bone.

Chocolates and sweets: Canines cannot metabolize cocoa which can build up in the body and can lead to illness or even death. The Shikoku is a curious animal; keep the sweets out of reach to avoid issues. Aside from the cocoa issues, dogs can suffer from the same dental challenges caused by sweets as we humans experience.

With a bit of planning and some preventive steps you and your Shikoku can enjoy this fun time of year! Trick or Treat!

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