Koji is looking for a home (updated)

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Are you an experienced dog person? Well then Koji might be right for you.

Koji was whelped in September 2019 and is neutered. Super good looking and well trained to general commands he does however have some issues.

Koji has a dominant character and is very selective about which dogs he will play with, and when does he tends to play rough. If he doesn't want to be a friend he is dog aggressive. His current home has involved professional trainers who, so far, haven't been particularly successful in getting Koji to accept other dogs. This trait can be challenging as Shikokus, like other Japanese breeds, can be dog aggressive; some individuals more so than others.

Koji was neutered in about April so it will still take some time to get those hormones under control which should help with the situation somewhat.

In a recent email his family said "He is such a sweet boy. However, he does deserve a seasoned handler that can give him the best experience in life as we do not have the ability to help him navigate the world."

Recently a Shikoku friend of ours had the opportunity to visit with Koji and his family. "Koji is a typical 9 month old Shikoku male who doesn't know how to greet other dogs. He was not a problem for me and he was not overly aggressive. Overall he is a very good boy and fairly well trained, but he's still a puppy and easily distracted. During our walk he was all over the place if I didn't control him. While we were walking he did not show any aggression to the dogs we passed but he was definitely interested in them."

Our friend summarized the visit and assessment as follows: "for a single dog home he's ready for an owner who has handled dogs before but they need to have some experience with this type of behavior before. I think integrating him with another Shikoku might be OK but it depends on the other dog. If the other dog is more receptive and playful I don' t see a problem, but otherwise it would require a slow integration and a period of supervised interaction."

Give us a call to fully discuss Koji's situation if you think he might be a fit for your family. Due to the current Covid 19 situation, closed borders and limited flights we are hoping to find a home within driving distance of the San Francisco area.

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