Kobe needs a home!

Kobe, a white Shiba Inu neutered male, is looking for a new home due to a life change in his family.

His "mom" wrote:

"Kobe had his 10th birthday on May 24, however, he still has the energy of a much younger dog. He loves to go walking at least an hour every morning and a half hour before his bedtime. He’s a very independent little guy, wants to be with us but likes to choose where and when. He has a small blanket and a special toy which he’s had since he was 9 yrs old. The toy has been sewn and washed so many times, but it’s always been his favorite.

A few of his likes & dislikes: I’ve only seen him take an instant dislike to one dog since we’ve had him. Prefers dogs his own size or smaller as long as they aren’t aggressive; if they come after him he’ll walk away, never has he engaged in a fight. Not as comfortable around large or excited dogs.

He has never been on our couch, but he does like to sneak onto our beds after we get up. Most of the time he sleeps in the living room with us (on the rug), he likes to be where we are. In the morning when I wake he’s always on the mat beside my bed. He really enjoys being outside but not too long. I wouldn’t recommend he be around small children, he doesn’t like them grabbing at him."

Kobe lives in the greater Vancouver area. Please contact us for more information.

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